The New Normal

The New Normal

Let’s face it, our in-store experience has dramatically changed in the past year. Since COVID-19 spread across the world, we have had to adapt our daily activities to reduce the risk of transmission.

Now more than ever, we need to protect ourselves and others whilst adjusting to these changes. Shopping has become a task that involves a new level of caution for customers and business owners. Having to wear masks and socially distance in-store, the usual way we used to shop has now become a daunting experience.  

Based upon recent research, 47% of consumers are still reluctant to shop in-store or dine inside a restaurant. For those anxious about waiting in line or being exposed to busy stores, many opportunities have been missed to enjoy local goods and produce.

Is this the new normal? There must be a way that shoppers can enjoy much loved ‘brick and mortar’ stores without having to expose themselves to risk?

With ‘curbsidemall’, shoppers can enjoy safe and comfortable shopping experiences with just 4 quick and convenient clicks!

From the safety of a vehicle or from home, ‘curbsidemall’ has made it easy for customers to enjoy a variety of outlets without having to physically enter a store. In 4 simple steps, customers have access to multiple retailers right from their handset.

Once the app is downloaded, a list of stores automatically updates based on the customer location or can be accessed via a custom search feature. Here, customers can browse local shops and restaurants with quick and easy access to exclusive discounts and offers.

The next step for customers is to select the ‘E commerce’ option through the ‘curbsidemall’ app and browse the huge selection of merchandise on offer.

What’s great about the next step is the choice that customers have on how to receive their items. In a world where consumers value efficiency and convenience, patrons can choose between Curb-side Delivery, In-Store Pick Up, Home Delivery, or even Carhop service if you are ordering from a restaurant. This is where they serve you in your car.  

Payment is made via the safe and secure check-out through the mobile app without having to handle cash or physical contact with merchants. All monetary transactions can now be exchanged with just a few clicks on a mobile device which greatly reduces the risk of coronavirus exposure.

Small businesses do not have to suffer as a result of this awful pandemic. Merchants now have the opportunity to promote their stores and create exposure for their establishments without the need for a website. Business owners are able to control inventory and promote special offers and discounts with ease by using ‘curbsidemall’.

The future of shopping is now focused on safety, convenience and comfort. ‘curbsidemall’ exemplifies efficiency for both customers and merchants, whilst making sure that ‘brick and mortar’ businesses get the exposure they ought to have.

With ‘curbsidemall’, ‘The new normal’ has just become a whole lot easier to grasp. 


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