In Touch With Tomorrow- Innovation for a Safer World

In Touch With Tomorrow- Innovation for a Safer World

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to online shopping. Prior to the virus breakout, more that three-quarters of U.S retail sales took place in-store.

Online shopping has increased as a result of this global pandemic and with more people at home, the internet has become our best friend.

What about those ‘brick and mortar’ stores that do not have a website? Those much loved, reliable establishments that may suffer due to lack of footfall are at risk of disappearing.

As humans, we love to explore and shop new deals and offers. Are the days of window shopping gone?

The internet may be our best friend, but it knows exactly how to entice us. Endless emails, marketing jargon and mountains of choice- sometimes hunting down the best deals can be desktop workout!

Imagine having access to a multitude of local stores and restaurants via a convenient and user-friendly mobile platform?

With curbsidemall, you can easily shop locally wherever you are. This innovative mobile platform gives customers a chance to explore shopping districts anywhere in the world.

Having so much choice ingrained into one mobile platform is an example of how technology is shaping yet simplifying the customer journey. With just four simple steps, customers not only have choice in where they shop, but have access to a large variety of retailers.

The customer experience is enhanced by having everything in one clear and concise place which is tailored to suit the consumer. We must appreciate how far technology has come; we live in a time where products like curbsidemall give patrons the comfort to shop from the safety of their vehicle or home.

Curbsidemall is designed to inject life back into ‘brick and mortar’ businesses especially during a time of uncertainty that we are currently in. Curbsidemall understands the need for repeat custom and client retention and their pioneering platform does exactly that.

Merchants can upload inventory, post exclusive deals, promote discounts and coupons without having to manage a website. Promotions and stock can be rotated to suit the business owner’s strategy, ultimately boosting revenue, and increasing sales.

If it’s one thing we can take from this pandemic, is that not everyone is safe. Smaller businesses have had to close their shutters and many large corporate businesses have downsized. Not only does curbsidemall benefit shoppers, it also givens smaller businesses a platform to increase their visibility at a time when it’s needed the most.

Technology can sometimes overwhelm us, but with curbsidemall safe transactions have never been so easy.

The future of shopping is changing which means the customer need is becoming more demanding. Consumers want access to restaurants and stores fast and efficiently.  Instead of sifting through countless apps or delivery options, curbsidemall ensures that the customer us fully in charge.

From ‘Home delivery’ to ‘Curbside Pickup’, getting what you want could not be easier.

Technology may be changing at a fast pace, but curbsidemall effectively works around the customer and the merchant, giving flexibility on everyday transactions.

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