Life Has Changed - Your Lifestyle Shouldn’t Have To!

Life Has Changed - Your Lifestyle Shouldn’t Have To!

We have all had to make some lifestyle adjustments in the past year. Whether it’s leaving the office to set up a workspace at home or having to home school- we can all agree that life has changed a lot.

1 in 5 American adults is set to work remotely or from home in 2022. That’s 83 million Americans who have had to adapt to a new work environment.

With this new influx of home offices, there are also many ‘stay at home’ Moms, those who run businesses remotely, and medically vulnerable people that are having to shield themselves at home.

All of these individuals share something in common- their daily routine has been interrupted due to the pandemic. Ordinary tasks like grocery shopping or going on the school run have changed dramatically.

Safety has become the number 1 priority, but with this comes unforeseen inconveniences. Waiting in long lines at the grocery store or having to socially distance, adds time to our fast-paced lives that we have become so accustomed to.

We are a nation that thrives on convenience. Being able to pick up food at a drive-through or have goods delivered right to our door is a luxury that fits right into our busy lives.

Curbsidemall is a mobile platform designed to fit right around its user’s lifestyle. Having access to local ‘brick and mortar’ stores or restaurants during a pandemic can be tricky, but with curbsidemall customers can enjoy the convenience like that of a ‘pre-lockdown’ world.

Today, consumers need flexibility, convenience and choice. These factors could not be more appropriate given the current circumstances. With just 4 quick and easy clicks, customers are able to access produce safely and on a schedule that is convenient for them. By selecting a store or restaurant from the extensive list available on the curbsidemall mobile platform, customers can purchase goods and pay securely all from their mobile device.

Curbsidemall removes the need for unnecessary contact or exposure to busy public spaces. With the added risk of virus transmission, curbsidemall cleverly offers 4 different methods of collection. What’s more appealing is the fact that this whole process is controlled by the customer to suit their time scale and needs. From ‘In-store pickup’ to ‘Curbside pickup’ or the convenient option of ‘Home Delivery’, curbsidemall also provides a ‘Carhop service’ so customers can enjoy their favorite restaurants- just like before while sitting in their car!

For those who are elderly or suffer from mobility issues, curbsidemall allows individuals the chance to enjoy local stores that may not have a website. From the safety of a vehicle, those who have spent time in social isolation or quarantine now have the ability to feel like they can safely immerse themselves back into society.

It’s been a tough 12 months, but we are realising the importance of shopping local and getting out of the house as much as we can. Curbsidemall offers a safe and accessible platform for consumers to enjoy secure and efficient transactions without having to leave their car or home.

What better time to discover and enjoy new (or much loved) places to shop?

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