Explore Local! What Will You Discover?

Explore Local! What Will You Discover?

A recent survey has found that 80% of small business owners say that COVID-19 has hurt their business. It’s no surprise really, given the magnitude of disruption this virus has caused. Well loved establishments are at risk of closing due to the reluctancy of physical in-store shopping.

Prior to the pandemic, the modern shopper thrived on discovering new places to eat or shop. This included re-discovering bespoke stores or family run businesses that may not have the biggest internet presence. The rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok have seen content creators rush to shine light on establishments that may not be so popular, in turn, making them popular!

You just have to look at businesses such as Katz delicatessen in New York City or hidden speakeasy bars all over the country, to understand that it’s become cool to discover places that feel undiscovered or old-time.  

Flash forward to 2021 and these ‘brick and mortar’ stores are at risk of closing.  What if they do not have a website or online store? Huge corporate online businesses like amazon or delivery methods such as postmates, dominate a convenient method of shopping for the quarantined customer. The reality is people want to get back into society and want to try to regain some form of normality.

Small businesses need to find opportunities to pivot their business model and go digital or take advantage of mobile platforms such as curbsidemall. It’s estimated that consumers are spending 76% more online shopping than in 2019- a statistic that would worry any ‘brick and mortar’ business owner.

These merchants may not have access to unlimited marketing budgets or be able to rely on an advertising department to stay afloat, however, there is a platform that offers great exposure during a time of low footfall.

The biggest concern about shopping during COVID-19 has been the fear of contracting the virus. Therefore, retailers need to enforce strict protocol to limit contact which has changed the way people shop. These new protocols are quickly becoming the new norm. Customers are frightened, and those with underlying health conditions or medically vulnerable must be extremely cautious. What about members of the public that suffer with social anxiety? Those who usually find it hard to shop in busy, big stores may struggle even more when shopping during a pandemic.

This is why curbsidemall is so important for the modern-day customer and merchant. Merchants have the benefit of uploading as much inventory as they like and can conveniently monitor exclusive offers and sales figures. Customers who have reservations about physical in-store shopping can shop comfortably and safely from their car or home.

Patrons have access to local restaurants, shops, and other outlets in the palm of their hands! Shoppers can experience local cuisines, taste family recipes from independent family run restaurants by using the ‘Carhop service’, or simply have their groceries delivered safely to their vehicle with the ‘Curbside Pickup’ option. Customers can also have items delivered straight to their front door by choosing the ‘Home delivery’ method or can choose to collect items directly from the store with the ‘In-Store pickup’ function. It’s never been easier!

Curbsidemall gives customers the choice to explore new neighbourhoods and have access to multiple retailers via one mobile platform. Customers can make purchases from stores or restaurants they have never been in before and take advantage of discounts or exclusive offers. This will hopefully help to breathe life back into the economy as we journey away from COVID-19.

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