Let’s Re-Think Retail- Good Things Come to Those Who Shop Local!

Let’s Re-Think Retail- Good Things Come to Those Who Shop Local!

For the modern-day consumer, in-store comfort levels have dwindled since the global outbreak of COVID-19. These levels are likely to take some time to thaw out before the world starts to heal. With physical retail shopping in trouble, merchants need to ensure that they are still generating an income.

Without websites or E-commerce stores, retailers, both old and new, are at risk of losing profitable footfall because of the pandemic. Some vendors will fail to adapt and lose shoppers as a result of not thinking outside the box or taking advantage of platforms like curbsidemall.

Curbsidemall gives both merchants and customers the freedom to sell and purchase goods in a safe and accessible way. For merchants, curbsidemall provides a mobile platform that guarantees brand exposure, allowing retailers to place their inventory right into their customers palms. For ‘brick and mortar’ stores, this exposure is a great tactic to help boost and stimulate the economy back into recovery.

In just 4 simple clicks, customers can browse, purchase, and pay for goods- all from their mobile handset. By simply downloading the mobile platform, customers are exposed to ‘brick and mortar’ stores based upon their location. A clever search function provides lists of surrounding inspiration in forms of restaurants or shops and with so much choice, curbsidemall epitomises the demand of the modern shopper.

Shoppers can control their purchases based on their own preferences and have choice when it comes to picking up goods or having them delivered. As the country faces tough restrictions and social distancing guidelines are enforced, those missing their favourite eateries can now enjoy them once again.

Tragically, four out of five independent restaurants may not survive the most recent wave of the virus and may have to close their shutters for good. This heartbreak is becoming a reality as independent restaurant owners face an economic apocalypse during a time of great uncertainty. With curbsidemall, restaurants are able to stay open, keep staff employed and pay bills.

Lower staff requirements and overheads minimize risk whilst remaining scalable as sales increase. Reduced operational outgoings means higher margins, giving retailers the flexibility to run more promotions or offer greater discounts.

Contact between patrons and staff is eliminated due to curbsidemall’s ‘Carhop service’. This allows customers to park in designated parking spaces, place their order on the curbsidemall mobile platform and have it delivered directly to their car. Curbsidemall perpetuates business growth and injects life back into local communities, whilst giving customers the change to get out of the house and experience life like before.

Frontrunners in this industry will understand the need to rely on alternative (and innovative) ways to generate revenue and shift their focus to platforms like curbsidemall. Merchants of all sizes need to appreciate that success in the months and years to come will depend on the ability to meet shifting customer buying preferences. Curbsidemall is an example of innovation, convenience, and the future of retail shopping.

Restaurants are anchors of our neighbourhoods, providing stability for residents and communities alike.  We need to ensure that these beloved establishments do not become the next casualty in this pandemic. ‘Brick and mortar stores’ are the glue that holds our communities together and we want them to stick around for time to come. Curbsidemall supports merchants during a time they need it the most and it’s a fantastic platform to help breathe life back into our daily routines.

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