The convenience revolution!

The convenience revolution!

COVID-19 has affected all of us. Young, old, East-coast to West coast – our lives have been turned upside down. From a nation that thrived on dining out and browsing in our favorite stores, we have had to seriously re-think our priorities.

Social distancing, face coverings, and enhanced safety precautions have now become second nature as we strive to get back to some form of normality during this pandemic. curbsidemall is a mobile platform that can support the road to recovery. One area of ‘normality’ is being able to shop safely in much loved ‘brick and mortar’ stores that may be struggling because of the pandemic. These are stores that are in danger of closing due to the lack of customer footfall, running costs and overheads.

The ongoing COVID crisis has altered how, when, and where we shop and what we buy. Since the outbreak began, three-quarters of US consumers have changed something about the way they shop, and a lot of these changes are centered around safety.

curbsidemall is a mobile platform that allows customers to shop or dine from the safety of their own car or home. In just four simple steps, consumers can browse a range of local outlets that are automatically updated based on location or can be searched for via the smart search function.

Because of the pandemic, shoppers are adapting to new ways of safer shopping. curbsidemall instantly eliminates physical contact with other shoppers or store employees and there is no need for cash handling due to the instant and safe payment via the mobile platform.

There are so many people in society that need easy and safe access to merchandise than ever before. From those who are shielded due to underlying health conditions, to key workers such as doctors and nurses working on the front line, or home careers, society has become reliant on the accessibility to safe shopping. curbsidemall perpetuates a redefined sense of convenience.

With four different ways to receive merchandise, customers can choose from On The Table, Curbside Delivery, Home Delivery, or the Carhop service if ordering from a restaurant. Bigger stores are reducing or modifying their business hours to reduce large flows of customers or to keep overheads down. How can smaller businesses attempt to stay afloat when there are so many changes going on?

With curbsidemall, having these collection choices allows smaller businesses or ‘brick and mortar’ stores leniency when it comes to operating hours, offering flexibility that large chain supermarkets cannot provide.

With restaurants and small stores being the businesses hit the hardest, curbsidemall can help breathe life back into local communities and allow customers to feel safe when enjoying local outlets.

Choosing ‘Carhop Service’ or ‘Curbside Delivery’ minimizes time spent in stores and lowers the number of people crowing aisles, in turn, reducing the risk of transmission or contamination. 

Digital shopping was already growing before the pandemic began, but with so much choice it can be a struggle to rely on web pages of inventory. curbsidemall allows merchants to control stock, change inventory and promote exclusive offers and discounts for customers to enjoy.

For those missing these loved ‘brick and mortar stores, Curbsidemall can provide a safe, convenient, and reliable way for shoppers to enjoy shopping with ease and comfort as we move away from COVID-19. 

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