Glocodes (Global Coupon Deals) has announced that it has developed and launched a New Soft Search Mobile Phone Platform for business owners of brick and mortar stores,  that will advertise and promote their business efficiency. Glocodes was started to generate new business for small and medium size brick and mortar, businesses throughout the world while also saving Consumers millions of dollars every day.

The advent of the internet has created a lot of shifts in how things are done and what business means for offline store owners in terms of sales. Online stores over the years have developed different strategies to keep phishing customers from the once-loved and patronized brick and mortar stores.  This has impacted significantly on sales, customer retention, and patronage. There should be a solution to this, and this is what Glocodes has been able to create.

 “The online store concepts now thrives on the power of mobile gadgets. There are almost as many mobile phones as people on the planet earth- about 7 Billion, and this is where most brick and mortar stores have lost customers over the years. In the past 20 years alone, mobile phone subscription has increased  by almost 1500%” SaysThe Head of Marketing, Earl Gates

He says further, “Glocodes has created a web app which can help you get your customers back and even attract more, all within 1-3 clicks. You now have the right tools to increase foot traffic to your stores using Glocodes. Glocodes is an easy and inexpensive way to super-boost your sales using our GLo-Hot-Sales similar to Flash sales, as one of many features that we have. You will only have to pay when you make sales.”

Glocodes also provides lots of benefits to consumers, helping them shop from stores anywhere in the world for the great deals, within 1-3 clicks and enjoy savings using any device. Furthermore, the web app has an efficient tracking feature for tracking money saved, merchants visited and so much more.

If you are a merchant, owning a brick and mortar store anywhere in the U.S. and eventually the world, and looking to increase foot traffic into your stores, Glocodes is a great place to start. If you are a consumer, looking to save thousands of dollars per year, Glocodes is a great product to use.

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