18/08/2017 08:50
As small business owners, we have experienced almost all forms of advertising options to include television, radio, magazine, news paper and internet advertising. We also tried guerilla marketing options, like flyers, joint advertising arrangements and more.  After spending a lot of money, and in many cases, very little results, we thought there had to be a better way and inexpensive way for brick and mortar businesses to generate revenue without spending a lot of money. Glocodes was created for 3 main reasons: 1.Personal rejection by one of the largest voucher marketers in the world to market our product using their platform. 2.Our desire to provide small businesses throughout the U.S. and the world with an inexpensive way to advertising and not paying until a sale has been made. 3.Based on the fact that no matter the industry, 99.99% of business owners anywhere in the world are accepted. Personal rejection: We attempted to market and develop our own personal brand called Lumpy Pockets. A new brand designed to provide gamblers and gamers a brand they could call their own. We attempted to pre-sale our product through the purchase of vouchers and we were rejected. To this day, we don't know why, but felt that we were probably not the only small business owners who were rejected because perhaps our minimum cost did not meet their expectations or we were not popular enough. What did we think of? Gloocodes! After our rejection by the voucher company, we conducted research and discovered that not only were many small businesses rejected the way we were, but many of them lost a lot of money because if they were accepted, they were told they had to reduce their cost by 50% and then give up 50% of money earned if a voucher of their product was sold. This created a huge stress for many small businesses. Finally, based on the two reasons above, we decided to create a platform that any business in the world could use no matter the industry and not spend a dime until an actual sales was made. Though we will not activate the accounts of businesses promoting pornography, the sale of guns, nor the sale of tobacco and related products, we have ultimately created a platform that any business in the world can use and a product that consumers all over the world can take advantage of and save a lot of money daily! What did we think of? Glocodes. So now you know what we created Glocodes. Give us a chance and let us drive traffic to your physically located businesses. Stay tuned for more great information on how to drive traffic to your location and make great sales.