12/09/2017 11:30

Glocodes benefits everyone, to include pedestrians and commuters, merchants, college students and the community.

However, for now, let’s discuss how Glocodes will benefit the pedestrian and commuter. Glocodes benefits pedestrians and commuters by providing them a great tool that they can use to save money daily, and not only from the larger companies that are in town, but from small business owners who are also trying to sale their goods and services too. We've made Glocodes so affordable that the small business owners within your community do not have to worry about slashing prices by 50% and then giving up 50% of the profits earned to get your business. They can easily use Glocodes to offer great deals and at a reasonable cost allowing them to pass savings off to the pedestrians and commuters.

We've created our Soft Search Mobile Phone Platform in such a way that a pedestrian or commutersimply needs to click on our logo, and they will instantly see an image or at least all of the names of merchants or small businesses owners who have activated their Glocodes with us. Once they select a specific Glocodes that they want to redeem, that image becomes the dominant image on their cell phone. And finally, all they have to do is walk into the location of the small business owner, select the product or services that matches what is on their Glocodes, take the products to the register and presto, they are done. The cashier will simply enter an invoice amount and their Employee Code in the proper location, click on the "redeemed" button and the deal is sealed.

There are many more great features that pedestrians and commuters will benefit from that we will discuss later. But the main benefit is our ability to provide the inventory of small business owners throughout the U.S. and the world, in the palm of the hands of pedestrians and commuters looking to do business with them. Soon, we are introducing two additional features that will allow pedestrians and commuters to purchase from brick and mortar locations just as easy as shopping at home in their easy chair or on the kitchen counter.

Who does Glocodes benefit? Well, pedestrians and commuter will benefit greatly from our product, but merchants, college students and any community in the nation will also be great beneficiaries of our products. Don't delay, start using Glocodes today!