12/09/2017 11:31

Glocodes benefits everyone, to include consumers, merchants, college students and the community.

However, for the moment, let's talk about how Glocodes benefits Merchants. Glocodes benefits merchants by providing merchants with a great tool to reach consumers. Many merchants or small business owners are losing 3%-5% of their revenue each year due to online retailers selling similar products at a discounted rate and with the ease of using the Internet. Using our Glocodes Soft Search Mobile Phone Platform, merchants can provide their entire inventory and place it in the hands of pedestrians and commuters throughout their community and all within 1-3 clicks. Within 1-3 clicks, pedestrians and commuters can then identify the exact products and or services that they want to purchase, walk into a small business owners physical location, select the product or service and purchase that product instantly enjoying the great savings that the small business owner provided. That feature is not the only great feature that will be provided to merchants to attract pedestrians and commuters to their location.

Soon, pedestrians and commuters will be able to simply pull up to your business, seek your products in 1-3 clicks and purchase that product in the comfort of their car, and have it brought out to them, delivered to their place of business or simply walk in and pick it up. A great feature with moms trying to shop with kids.

Another great feature coming soon for merchants is a great PUSH notification. With our Glocodes PUSH notification, this will allow merchants to register with Glocodes, but allowing Glocodes to PUSH ads or banners to pedestrians and commuters who happened to be within a 1-3 block radius. This is a great feature because it allows merchants the opportunity to share great products with pedestrians and commuters who didn't realize a merchant may carry that particular product or offer that particular service.

Who does Glocodes benefits? Glocodes benefits everyone, to include consumers, merchants, college students and the community. Glocodes will ultimate be a great tool that everyone can use to drive pedestrian and commuter traffic to local small businesses or provide consumers an opportunity save good money on products they may use everyday. So whether you are a small business owner or a consumer, you should probably start using Glocodes today, don't delay!