12/09/2017 11:31

Glocodes benefits everyone, to include consumers, merchants, college students and the community.

However, for now, let’s talk about how Glocdes will benefit college students. Glocodes benefits college students in a tremendous way. First, like consumers, college students are provided  a great tool that they can use to save money daily, and not only from the larger companies that are in town, but from small business owners who are also trying to sale their goods and services too.

We all know how difficult it can be for a college student to generate income while going to school and any money that they do generate must be spent wisely. Well, Glocodes, and our Soft Search Mobile Phone Platform, provides college students with an excellent tool to locate small businesses with the best deals, but deals that will fit within their budget. If ever there is a target audience who should be using Glocodes daily, it’s the college students who is always thinking of ways to stretch their dollars and the parents who are always encouraging them to stretch their dollars. 

And speaking of stretching a dollar, Glocodes provides college students a great opportunity to earn additional money to stretch for school, through our affiliate program. All college students have to do is recommend our Soft Search Mobile Phone Platform to their favorite stores and if they register, the recommending college student can earn a great commission for that recommendation. If college students were to organize a team to market Glocodes, the entire team could earn good money simply recommending the use of Glocodes. Glocodes provides college students a great opportunity to earn money for college. Any college students throughout the country can use our program and earn. Eventually, any college student in the world will be able to use our product and earn additional money for college. What a grand opportunity.