06/09/2017 06:18

For Consumers, it is too easy!


If you are a consumer,Glocodes has two main purposes. First, Glocodes wants to provide merchants throughout the U.S and eventually the world an opportunity to easily and almost instantly display their inventory, services or special productsdirectly into the hands ofconsumers and within 1-3 clicks using their cell phones. Secondly, Glocodes wants to provide consumers an opportunity to easily find products and services they are interested in purchasing, but within 1-3 clicks and using their cell phones. Using GPS positioning, Glocodes can easily do this.


If you are within 2-3 blocks of a merchant you are looking to do business with take the following steps and your purchase is made:


Step 1: Click on our logo, located on your cell phone. You will instantly see a list of merchants within your radius.


Step 2: Click on the name of any merchant you are interested in and you will instantly see and entire list of products and or services that the merchant you selected is offering.


Step 3: Click on a specific product that you may be interested in and it will become the main image on your cell phone. As a side note, the first time you use our Glocodes, you will be asked to register by simply using your email. Though you don't have to log into your account to complete your Profile, it is a good idea for you to complete your Profile. You can keep track of your transactions, earn money, invite friends and so much more.


Step 4: Walk into the merchants place of business and grab the products or services you are interested in.


Step 5: Take products to the cashier and hand your cell phone to the cashier. The cashier will enter an invoice total, an Employee Code and then click on the Redeemed link.


Step 6: Done


You have just purchased a product and or service that you wanted and saved good money. The merchant has just initiated and completed a sale, and Glocodes has done a great thing by bringing a buyer and seller together to complete a transaction. It has become a Win, Win for everyone.


Coming soon, a consumer will be able to sit in their car and simply make a purchase from their car and either have that product brought out to them, if they have kids in the car, or easily walk in and pick up that product and leave.


Also coming soon is our ability to PUSH ads to a consumer who may be interested in a particular merchant or product based on Key Words selected during the registration process.


Using Glocodes provides a great opportunity for Merchants and Consumers to connect to exchange goods and services.