13/04/2017 18:31

(Drive Pedestrian and Commuter Traffic to Your Brick and Mortar Store and Make Great Sales!)


This year, we will be launching a new Soft Search Mobile Phone Platform that will revolutionize the way brick and mortar stores drive Pedestrians and Commuter traffic into your stores. Not only will our Soft Search Mobile Phone Platform revolutionize the way brick and mortar stores drive Pedestrians and Commuters into your stores, but you’ll also love the special features we offer.

To include, offering great payment plans for as little as $69.00. Do you want to alert the public to great Sales you are offering? We make it easy and simple to do that. Are you interested in earning money with our program as a Merchant or a Customer? We provide you a great opportunity to do that. Do you hate reading reviews you know were written by the owner’s sister? With our program, merchants get true and honest reviews from paying customers only. If you hate advertising your products, directly in your windows, you will not have to anymore. If you have to spend hundreds of dollars to promote Sales for little return, you won’t have to do that anymore also. If you have products that you are trying to close out and new products you are trying to introduce, our Soft Search Mobile Phone Platform will be the perfect product to promote those offer.

You’ll be please by all the great features we offer customers of brick and mortar stores for using our service. Did we mention that to begin with, there is a very inexpensive, Introductory Offer  which allows you to test us out? You probably will not use it, but when you see how our product works, perhaps you will at least test us out.

Every last brick and mortar store in the world must consider using our SSMPP. If you don’t but your competitors are, YOU WILL BE LEFT BEHIND, EVENTUALLY!

So stay tuned and look out for this exciting product, you will not regret that you did.