Carhop service by curbsidemall

Carhop service  by curbsidemall

Curbsidemall is a mobile platform that gives customers the opportunity to shop at local ‘brick and mortar’ outlets without ever having to leave their home or car. Customers are able to browse, select and pay for merchandise or food using this new innovative method of shopping. Transactions are smooth, efficient and safe, especially as we step away from the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of Curbsidemall’s pioneering mobile application, customers can also enjoy the Carhop service feature. By selecting the Carhop service, customers can order food straight from a multitude of restaurants and have it delivered straight to their vehicle without the need to go inside. This is perfect for those on the go, busy professionals or moms that just do not have time!

The Carhop service allows customers to park in designated car parking spaces outside participating restaurants where they can browse through local eateries and select the one they wish to order from. Customers can enjoy browsing through the menu before selecting what they want and place an order straight away in just a few simple clicks! By selecting the Carhop service option, customers will inform the restaurant (via the platform) of what designated parking space they are in and proceed to safely pay for their purchases. What’s great about this is that customers will receive a 6 digit code, plus an order number which will be confirmed with the restaurant when the food is delivered. Once the food is ready and the order number is confirmed, the transaction is complete and the funds are transferred to the merchant. It could not be easier!

Convenience is a key factor as the world becomes even more modernized. Curbsidemall is designed to allow customers to enjoy dining from different restaurants or shop in local ‘brick and mortar stores’ on a schedule that suits them. 

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